Industry experts share strategies for business success in challenging times

Emergent Payments, a leading Fintech that offers an enhanced, licenced digital platform, has held a highly anticipated panel discussion marking the Fintech Connect Programme’s maiden edition.

The event, held under the theme ‘Leveraging Technology to Improve Business in Challenging Times’, brought together industry professionals and business owners to explore the transformative potential of technology in driving business growth and success.

The discussion featured esteemed experts who provided valuable insights into harnessing technology for enhanced business performance. In an interview with Lucy Amy Battor, Sales Account Manager at Emergent Payment, she emphasised the need for business owners to embrace technology solutions for operational improvements and efficient digital payment collections.

Lucy Battor stated: “At Emergent Payment, we understand the importance of empowering business owners with the right tools and insights. Our goal is to bridge the gap by providing a digital payments platform that enables businesses to easily accept payments, manage finances and increase revenue. We work with small businesses as well, and provide tailor-made finance management solutions to them whether they are in rural or urban Ghana”.

She encouraged business owners and industry to stay updated on upcoming events as Emergent Payment continues to foster business growth through technology-driven solutions.

A panel member, Dr. Arnold Kavaarpuo – a Venture Builder and Fintech Operator, captivated the audience with his expertise on leveraging technology as a catalyst for growth and resilience. Dr. Kavaarpuo highlighted the crucial role of technology in driving business success, particularly during challenging times. He stated: “In this digital era, businesses need to harness the power of technology to optimise their operations, gather valuable data and adapt to evolving customer needs. By investing in a digital ecosystem, businesses can stay competitive and position themselves for long-term success”.

On his part, Norbert Dziwornu, Programme Manager at StartOA, shared his first-hand experience as an end-user and shed light on the concerns faced by businesses. Dziwornu stressed the importance of leveraging payment data and analytics to gain insights into business performance and customer behaviour. He explained: “Tracking transaction data and analytics is essential for businesses to understand their customers, optimise processes and secure investment. By embracing technology and leveraging digital infrastructure, businesses can streamline operations, increase revenue and attract forward-thinking customers”.

Rounding up the panel discussion, Ebi-Yaa Kwaw – a skilled UX Designer from Wewire – highlighted the significance of user-centric design in the digital era. She emphasised the need for businesses to leverage technology to create seamless experiences and tap into new opportunities. She advised: “In today’s competitive landscape, businesses must diversify their offerings and find innovative ways to receive payments. By leveraging technology and embracing a user-centric approach, businesses can engage their target audience and capitalise on the limitless potential of the digital era”.

The panel session covered various topics including the latest advancements in technology, overcoming operational challenges, and utilising robust platforms and solutions to enhance business operations. Attendees left the event equipped with actionable insights and a deeper understanding of how technology can transform their organisations. The success of panel discussion ‘Leveraging Technology to Improve Business in Challenging Times’ underscored the growing recognition of technology’s transformative power in today’s business landscape. The event served as a testament to Emergent Payment’s commitment to empowering businesses through technology-driven solutions.


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