Businesses urged to unlock potential with Data & AI technologies

Running a business is no longer tedious with the advent of digital tools and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

These emerging technologies are enabling entrepreneurs and new business ventures to gain a competitive advantage.

That’s why players in the space want companies to use these platforms to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

At a Data and AI forum organized by technology firm – Cloudware Limited at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, Accra, speakers stressed the need to embrace digital technologies for business growth.

Discussions centered on how businesses can leverage emerging technologies for organizational success.

It was held under the theme, The Next Frontier, AI’s Impact on Business and Society Digital Leadership in the New Reality.

“Businesses have a lot of challenges, so it is important for them to capture all of these using data for effective business management. So that is where AI comes in, trying to crunch the data for digested facts for decision making. So, these allow businesses to achieve more with less, so that’s the direction in guiding firms”, Eniola Benjamin, Group Vice President, Data Excellence Cloudware told Citi Business News.

Panel topics included, Governance, Trust and Ethics in AI, the future of work in the digital era and transforming customer experience with AI.

Attendees had the opportunity to learn from insights, gain new perspectives and stay up-to-state with the latest trends.

Other speakers included, Kennedy Lekettey, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect, Security and Infrastructure, Victor Bayedo, Group Vice-President, Enterprise Infrastructure and Modern Security, Cloudware and Mayowa, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect, Modern Workplace.

On her part, Mildred Fosuaa, customer excellence strategist at Cloudware said, “to be able to define business strategies, there are some trends to satisfy customers, so organizations are able to use such data to create models. Data is one of the ways, organizations are using for customer satisfaction and create solutions and raise revenue. So poor organizations should explore that possibility”.

About Cloudware

Cloudware Limited provides technology services for enterprise businesses and public sector organizations across West Africa. It helps customers to envision their success strategies and engage the appropriate technology solutions to execute and deliver on business expectations.

The Company believes technologies are only relevant to businesses in the forms of the success outcomes they produce.

Its engagements with customers are more focused on meeting their business objectives than the technologies themselves.

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