Registrar General urges companies to file annual returns to avoid removal from register

The Registrar General, Jemima Oware, has emphasized the urgent need for companies and businesses that have not yet filed their annual returns to do so or risk having their names struck from the register by the end of this month.

This follows an ultimatum issued to over 500,000 firms, directing them to file their returns or face removal from the companies’ register.

According to the Registrar General, affected firms have been served with multiple notices and reminders over the past two years, with only a handful voluntarily requesting deletion from the register.

In an interview with ChannelOne News, she emphasized that companies must take advantage of the grace period and file their annual returns before the deadline.

Failure to comply will result in the removal of their names from the register, rendering them unable to conduct business in Ghana.

The Registrar General stressed that this would have serious consequences for the companies and urged them to take immediate action to avoid being struck off the register.

“When we started the exercise, we had close to 10,000 companies that had not filed any annual returns or financial statements. That’s why we put it out there in the first publication. We listed about 2,203 companies that we were intending to strike off. We gave them an opportunity to come and update us.”

“I have 8,895 that have not filed, and those are the companies I’ve given until the end of June to come and update us. If they don’t, then from July 1, we’ll take their names off the register. When we take your name off the register, it means you cannot carry on business in Ghana.”

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