SGCC Holds its 1st Annual General Meeting

The Spain Ghana Chamber of Commerce has held its 1st Annual General Assembly (AGM) for the year 2021. The event took place on 17th March 2022 at the Labadi Beach Hotel. The AGM saw to make members aware of the the past events of 2021, the review of the audit reports, membership fees and the election of the new Board of Directors.

The Welcome Address was given by the Secretary-General Ms. Ana Belén Nieto Tercero. She highlighted the progress of the Chamber, past and upcoming events, and future collaborations with prominent associations and governmental institutions.

This was then followed by speeches from the Ambassador of Spain, His Excellency Mr. Javier Gutierrez and the Head of the Economic and Commercial Office Mr. Miguel Casero. The Ambassador with his speech stressed on the importance of the Chamber and the future collaborations the Embassy looks forward to doing with the Chamber.

The Head of the Economic and Commercial Office in his speech highlighted the importance of trade between Spain and Ghana and how Ghana is the 3rd trading partner of Spain in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Mr. Nadim Ghanem-Parés in his speech and review of the Chamber’s accounts thanked both the Ambassador and the Trade Counsellor for their support and presence. He then highlighted the figures of the Chamber’s account for the past two years.

The Old Board of Directors were dissolved by the Secretary-General and the new crop of nominees were outdoored to the members present for approval.

The election of the new Board of Directors had a majority of the past executives forming part of it with a few new board members. The current Board of Directors include the following:

Mr. Joaquín Roura Lama – President

Mr. Miguel Sánchez Burgués – 1st Vice President

Mr. Nadim Ghanem-Parés – 2nd Vice President

Mr. Rafael Lizondo – Treasurer

Mr. Joe Msann – Board Member

Mr. Bethel Yeboah – Board Member

Mr. Martin Quaidoo – Board Member

Mr. Bernard Kaninda – Board Member

Mr. Jordi Plana – Board Member

Mr. Patrick Victor Enyan – Board Member

Mr. Celestino Alvarez-Neira – Board Member

The new President of the Board of Directors Mr. Joaquin Roura Lama in his acceptance speech called for the support of everyone in the Chamber in growing the Chamber and increasing the presence of Spanish businesses in the Chamber as well as Ghana.

In attendance at the AGM was the Deputy Ambassador of Spain, Her Excellency Madam María Higón Velasco, Mr. Luis Miguel Veral, Market Analyst and a few members of the Chamber who cut across various sectors of economy.

The closing remarks were given by Mr. Lucky Ameko Nutakor who thanked everyone for their time and ushered them to the cocktail area for refreshments and networking.

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