The Spain Ghana Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday 19th February 2020, organised an after-work seminar dubbed “How to Maximise Success at Networking” by the renowned Transformational Coach and Speaker expert Nadine Ghanem at Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, Accra . Ms Nadine emphasized on the need to maximise every moment in today’s fast-moving business environment and therefore took the attendees through how they could do the following; 

  • Set your intention and outcome for the networking event
  • Initiate connections and build rapid rapport with anyone.
  • The law of reciprocity and why you need to serve not to sell.
  • The reasons why demonstrating warmth and not power results in more business connections.
  • How to give your 30 seconds sales pitch tailored to any situation or event.
  • How to guarantee that  “second date” business meeting and ongoing relationship with your new contacts.                                                        

While the seminar was in session, different practical exercises were done to test the theories in her presentation which proved that when people find common grounds in a conversation their posture, facial expressions, actions etc naturally sink without them noticing. This was the moment where everyone in the conference room made the sound “aww” as a way of attesting to the fact that what she taught was true.

A lot was acquired on the night, as attendees learn and interact with one another. 

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