Labadi Beach Hotel launches Lagoon Bar Pizzeria

The Labadi Beach Hotel has its new pizzeria at the Lagoon Bar. The event took place on 10th November 2021. The event afforded the invited guests among which the Spain Ghana Chamber of Commerce was a part of, the opportunity to savour some of the best pizzas Labadi Beach Hotel has to offer. Interesting among them was the Ghanaian flavour pizzas which is one of a kind.

The items on the menu for the Ghanaian flavour pizzas include Kontomire Pizza, Spicy Tilapia Fillet Pizza, Spiced Goat Pizza, Spiced Guinea Fowl Pizza and Pork Belly Domedo Pizza.

The guests gave their feedback after having a taste of the pizza after every round to assess the pizza which were all positive considering how the pizzas had been given a Ghanaian flavour.

Bonus Tip: Be sure to try these pizzas as they are masterpieces and are to die for. You also get a free box from Chef Gary when you buy 5 boxes of pizza from the Lagoon Bar Pizzeria.

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