SGCC organized the Taxation Business Breakfast at Marriott Hotel, Accra for its members, Robert Smith & Adelaide Law on Wednesday the 19th of June 2019 at 8am.

The speaker at the event was Bobby Banson, Lawyer whose Firm is registered with the Spain-Ghana Chamber of Commerce

The first session was a full lecture where Mr. Banson explained the laws of Taxation and how to challenge the GRA when unlawful taxes are charged. The second session had attendees asking various questions to which Mr. Banson gave clear, well-informed answers.

The duration was two and a half hours with a break in between where attendees were able to have breakfast with a wide range of options provided by Marriott Hotel.

According to a survey we sent out, 83.3% of the attendees rated the event 5/5. 16.7% rated it 4/5.

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