Day 2 of the Spanish Week Celebration was a Sectorial Cocktail hosted by Edric Group, a distinguished SGCC Member.

Edric Group is a multi-brand company that deals in lighting, fire safety, as well as interior décor and furnishing. The Group is an umbrella of two subsidiary companies – Edric Engineering Limited and Edric Furnishing limited. They are the Ambassadors of several Spanish Brands in Ghana.

Present at the cocktail were businessmen and businesswomen from several companies in the City who came to network and connect with one another. 

Edric Group also organized tours in their showroom during the event in order to showcase their products.

The Event ended with a closing note delivered by Mr. Courage Dogbegah, CEO of Edric Group and Mr Nadim Ghanem-Parés, President of the Spain Ghana Chamber of Commerce as a way of signifying the strong bond between both organizations.

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